Welcome Foster Campbell PSC

Bandwise is pleased to announce an all new website for Louisiana Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell.  Foster has been our PSC since 2002 and he has championed many initiatives to lower utility bills.  He is currently campaigning against the high cost of phone calls for Louisiana inmates and their families who pay up to 15 times more for their calls than the rest of us.
Campbell spokesperson Bill Robertson says, “It has been a real pleasure working with the Bandwise team. Their broad experience is evident in just about everything they do.”
The design style of Foster’s new site is termed “Responsive Web Design” or RWD. This approach to web design offers an optimal viewing experience no matter the size of the device. On mobile devices, it provides easy reading and navigation without “gesturing” needed to resize, pan, or scroll to view a web site.
With a plethora of new smartphones, tablets, and mini-tablets being introduced to the masses, the Mobile Web is making it’s influence on how websites are ultimately designed.  Foster Campbell’s site is a great example of the latest in web design technology. Check it out at www.fostercampbell.com