What We Do

  • Custom Web Design

    Custom Web Design

    For 12 years and running, our award winning team has created nearly one thousand websites for the Shreveport-Bossier community and around the world, ranging from small local websites to the world famous Miss USA pageant website. Using the most robust and cost effective technologies on the web, we have the experience and resources to handle any need. Whether it’s a new website, or a custom application designed to enhance your business operations, Bandwise delivers…

    Along the way, we accomplished many firsts as we defined the cutting edge in web design and programming for our region.

    The bandwise team introduced to area websites:

    – SQL databases 1996
    – eCommerce 1996
    – Online community forums 1997
    – Classified Ads 1997
    – Content Management 1997
    – Streaming live media 1997
    – Rackmount servers 1997
    – PHP Programming 1998
    – Live Polling Results 1998
    – Media archiving 1998
    – Mass media photograph management 1999
    – Wireless streaming live media 2000
    – Webmail 2001
    – Doppler Radar imaging 2001
    – Spam Control panel 2002
    – RSS feeds 2005
    – Podcasts 2005
    – Content Management System 2006
    – Web 2.0 media 2006
    – Ajax with PHP 2007
    – On-the-fly excel and pdf documents 2007
    – Backoffice Flash management 2008
    – Google Base Integration 2008
    – Online course management 2008

    For outstanding achievement in website development, our team received a Webaward from the Web Marketing Association in 2002, as well as Internet Service Provider of the year in 2001.

  • Application Programming

    Application Programming

    Bandwise builds custom applications for businesses all across the South. Our customers range from timber companies to weight loss experts. Our applications typically start with our CMS platform as a solid foundation on which to build our applications. We then add features such as reporting, invoicing, document management, payment processing, and even the generation of excel spreadsheets and PDF documents on the fly.

    Since our applications are designed specifically to meet your needs, your investment may be returned many times over through increased production and efficiency.

  • Hosting Services

    Hosting Services

    The Bandwise team has been hosting database driven websites since 1996. We maintain local web, email, and database servers in Shreveport as well as servers in a data center in Ft Worth, Texas. So no website is too big or too small with pricing starting at $10/month.

    Banwise utilizes the LAMP service stack, the most popular web technology in use today. LAMP is an ancronym for “Linux Apache MySQL PHP” which is supported by more web hosting providers than any other. Nothing else is more reliable or cheaper to host.

    Bandwise Web and Email Hosting Plans:

    Personal Web Hosting:

    10MB storage
    100MB transfer
    1 email address
    Basic Web Hosting:

    100MB storage
    1GB transfter
    1 MySQL Database
    5 email addresses
    Advanced Web Hosting:

    1GB storage
    10GB transfer
    1 MySQL Database
    20 email addresses
    Basic e-commerce hosting:

    1GB storage
    10GB transfer
    1 MySQL Database
    20 email addresses
    Deluxe e-commerce hosting:

    10GB storage
    100GB transfer
    1 MySQL Database
    20 email addresses

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    After building your new website or updating your old website, how do you steer more traffic to your site? The answer is Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO. Many site owners perform their own SEO which can be a time consuming diversion from their core business model. Effective SEO is something that takes months or even years to achieve, especially for new sites. For site owners who prefer to hire a professional to perform SEO on their behalf, Bandwise now offers SEO service.

    For a modest monthly fee, the Bandwise team will optimize your website for increased search engine ranking. This monthly service includes monitoring your rank and traffic reports, creation and registration of xml site maps and other proven tools used to drive traffic to your site.

    Not all doctors or lawyers are the same, and neither are those who offer SEO services. In fact, there is a dark side to the SEO industry that employs unconventional methods in an attempt to promise quick results. These techniques known as “Black Hat SEO” are disapproved of by the search engines, and often involve deception. Examples include Spamdexing, Link Farming, Keyword Stuffing, and more.

    Be assured that the Bandwise team of experts only utilizes legitimate and effective “White Hat SEO” techniques to optimize your website such as editing content and programming to increase your site’s “friendliness” to search engines, as well as submission of content to new forms of search engines and databases that are gaining in popularity.

    Bandwise offers the following features in our SEO service:

    – Search engine registration
    – Reciprocal linking
    – Social bookmarking
    – Content submission to popular sites
    – Editing content and HTML to increase relevance of keywords
    – Creation of XML site maps
    – XML database submission
    – Monitor rank and traffic reports

    Cost: $500/month and up – No term contract and no long term obligation

  • Responsive Websites

    Responsive Websites

    Responsive Web Design is a new and exciting way to reach all of your customers on all of their devices.¬†Using new capabilities of modern browsers, we can create a website that responds to every screen size and updates it’s design accordingly.