Welcome Judge Frances Pitman

Bandwise welcomes Judge Frances Pitman Campaign Committee to the world wide web. Judge Pitman opposes David Matlock for Retired Judge Charles Peatross’ seat on the Louisiana Court of Appeal, Second Circuit. She has served the public for 36 years as State District Court Judge, Assistant Attorney General, Speech Pathologist and Teacher. She is a strong supporter and advocate of family and children.
Here is what Judge Pitman has to say about Bandwise. “It has been a real pleasure to work with Allen Marsalis and his team to quickly develop our website. The special effort he puts forth is both evident and very much appreciated. I look forward to working with Bandwise right up through the campaign.”
We at Bandwise appreciate the opportunity not just to build Judge Pitman’s new website but also to search engine optimize (SEO) her website as well. To learn more about Judge Frances Pitman and her campaign for LA Court of Appeal, we invite you to visit www.judgepitman.com.
No matter whom you place your vote with, We at Bandwise truly hope you get out on Tuesday, November 6th and exercise your right to vote for your chosen candidates.