Welcome ICEE Distributors, Inc.

We welcome ICEE Distributors, Inc. to the growing Bandwise family of Majicko CMS powered websites. ICEE is an iconic symbol to kids and adults alike. Generations have enjoyed “the coldest drink in town” on hot summer days.
ICEE Distributors wanted to expand their coverage of post-mix fountain drinks, coffee, and services other than just ICEE drinks which they are famous for. They also wanted the ability to control their website content while providing Flash content in tandem. This resulted in animating the ICEE bear both in the Flash intro and by using SitePal to add speech to the ICEE bear.
Marketing Manager, Steven Arnold says, “Bandwise helped us increase the utility of our website.  We now have flash animation on our site, and we can also add our own news and edit our pages. Visitors can even submit their own photos to our new photo gallery.”
You may visit their new website at www.myicee.com to learn more about ICEE Distributors and their products and services.  It has been our privilege at Bandwise to serve ICEE Distributors, Inc.