Welcome Harvest Outreach Ministries

We are pleased to welcome Harvest Outreach  Ministries to the world wide web.  Harvest Outreach Ministries has put thousands of young adults around the country through its Dynamite Basketball camp at no charge.  Some have gone on to become college and even pro players.  In addition, Harvest Outreach Ministries has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help build chapels inside penitentaries around the state of Louisiana with no government funding.Founder and CEO of Harvest Outreach Ministries, Troy N Terrell says, “Our new website offers news, photos, and more. I believe this site will give our ministry the ability to reach further as it continues to grow.” Terrell also points out that “we now have the ability to post our own videos, stories, and testimony of the life changing work we do. I am very excited by our new ability to share more of what we do here at Harvest Outreach Ministries”.We invite you to visit their site at www.theharvestoutreach.com