Welcome H. K. Gilbert

Welcome H. K. Gilbert to the Bandwise family of Majicko CMS powered websites.  H. K. Gilbert is an author and illustrator of children’s books as well as a blogger, motivator, and speaker.  H. K. is truly dedicated to literacy awareness as she encourages parents to spend 5 to 10 minutes a day reading to their child.
Her latest book titled, Reporting for Duty – A day at the White House is a wonderful example of her talent and dedication to literacy awareness.  Her book has been featured in USA Today, Associated Content, Examiner & University Wizard.H. K. Gilbert says “I like my new site very much.  I hope it delivers the message to parents to begin reading with their children at an early age and keep it up.  Few skills are as important as reading, and practice makes all the difference in the world!”
Utilizing the Majicko CMS platform, H. K. Gilbert now has the ability to easily update her website herself without relying on specialized web designers to do the job.  Please visit her new website at www.hkgilbert.com and learn more about reading to your children.  It has been our sincere pleasure at Bandwise to serve H. K. Gilbert.