Welcome Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce

We are pleased to welcome The Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce to the Bandwise family of Majicko powered websites. The Chamber developed their Shale Expo website last year using Majicko and liked it so much that the Chamber decided to convert their primary website over to Majicko for increased functionality and manageability. Chamber Marketing and Communications Manager Andy Buffington says, “The Bandwise team came through for us once again. We now have the ability to better manage our website content than ever before. This helps us operate more effectively while serving our members in a timely manner.  We look forward to adding new content to our website on a continuous basis.”
Utilizing the Majicko CMS platform, The Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce is now in a wider in format, offering secure member application and registration, as well as more up to date content. Please check out their new website at www.shreveportchamber.org for more information. It has been our pleasure at Bandwise to serve The Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce.