Mobile Site Mania!

Enter the “Mobile Web”. Bandwise powered “thumb-friendly” mobile sites are all the rage around Shreveport-Bossier.  Sometimes called “M-Dot” or “Mobi” websites, these smaller websites are designed to fit on iPhones, Android, and other smartphones. There is no need for “gesturing” to surf these easy to navigate sites. Mobile sites are perfect for restaurants or any business with two basic needs: “Call Us” and “Find Us”.
Since all smartphones have some form of maps & directions capability, The “Find Us” button will help your customers find your business right from their smartphone.  Whether a customer wishs to view a map or receive directions, smartphones are all about knowing where you are, where you are going, and the best route to get to your business.
The “Call Us” button relieves the user from having to memorize, write down, or key in your phone number.  With just one tap, your customer is ringing your phone to make reservations, place an order, or speak with your sales team.
If someone likes your business they might even bookmark your site on their smartphone which automatically creates an icon on the desktop just like an “app”!  Then when a customer want to call you, they tap your icon on their phone then tap “Call Us” and they are ringing your phone to make a reservation, order service, etc. with just two taps!
Please click here for more information on mobile websites, and check out a few of our mobile sites with your iPhone or droid: