has Launched!

After years in the making, Bandwise LLC is pleased to announce that Insty-Site is now officially launched! What is Insty-Site? Simply put, it is the quickest and easiest way to create and maintain a full featured website without the hassle or expense of custom web programming.
Bandwise LLC produces custom websites costing thousands of dollars. But now with Insty-Site, no longer do we turn away clients who cannot afford the four digit price tag of a custom built site.  With Insty-Site, anyone can afford a website!Insty-Site is a unique way of building, hosting, and managing your very own website.  With Insty-Site, you can start out simple and grow your site over time, and without spending a ton of money with a Custom Web Designer.  Insty-Site is uncomplicated and yet well developed as a complete foundation for any website, big or small.  Insty-Site can serve even advanced Webmasters with features beyond those found on many other over-simplified systems.You begin with a very easy to use Website Wizard to help you get started off in the right direction.  By answering a series of simple questions, the Website Wizard will turn the available features on or off according to your needs.  Do you want a Blog but not a Calendar?  No problem.  Do you want members to be able to log into your site and post pictures? You got it. Want to integrate your website with Facebook?  Too easy.  The Website Wizard will make launching your new site a breeze.As a testiment to our technology, unlike some of our competitors, our Insty-Site website is built with Insty-Site!  Beware of any Site Builder that doesn’t use their own product to build their own website.  At Insty-Site, we practice what we promote, the ability to create and maintain your own high quality website.Go check out Instysite today!