Comprehensive Neurosurgery Update

Comprehensive Neurosurgery previously contracted with Bandwise to convert their old website into a fully managable Content Management System. Their staff has enjoyed the ability to maintain and grow their site in-house without the need for additional professional assistance. This time around, Comprehensive Neurosurgery wanted a new look-and-feel, and Bandwise was pleased to assist them once gain.
Community Outreach Director Debra Lindsey says “Working with Bandwise to create a new website for our company was smart choice. We were up and running in just a few weeks. The content management system developed by Bandwise is by the far the easiest to learn and makes maintaining our website a cinch. If you’re in the market for a new web site or just want to have a content management system you can self-manage, make Bandwise your first call.”
Comprehensive Neurosurgery is now under a new domain name. Please visit their website at for more information. It has been our pleasure at Bandwise to once again serve The Comprehensive Neurosurgery Network LLC.